Archive June 2018

New company, R&R Space, seeks to foster innovation and develop skills with the space industry through exciting new event concepts.

Space is increasingly a part of our daily lives from satellite data driving an increase in crop yields to the satellite navigation used by people across the globe every day. We are in the midst of a new space revolution driven by the private sector and exciting new start-ups. R&R Space is connecting with non-traditional industries to engage them with space thus enabling a wider range of applications and use cases. Through a diverse range of interactive and engaging events the company seeks to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and space explorers, linking them with new skills to build the future of space. 

Founded by two space enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, R&R Space’s directors Ryan Laird and Ryan Bradley-Evans, are split between Leicester and Leeds respectively: 

  • Ryan Bradley-Evans is a recent MPhys graduate of the University of Leicester working in the software engineering sector as his day job. He has previous directorship experience from his work with Leicester Hackspace and continues to hold ties to the maker community. He also has experience with public speaking, managing events and conducting science outreach.  
  • Ryan Laird is also an MPhys graduate of the University of Leicester whose professional career spans the UK, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, where he has worked to promote astronomy and space sciences at every level. He currently works as a freelance editorial consultant for the space industry where he regularly engages with the space start-up community. 

The UK space industry is one of the core growth sectors of the national economy with year-on-year growth is five times greater than the wider economy since 1999 and productivity nearly three times the national average1. There is a greater need for new skills and for new sectors to become involved in the sector. 

Founded at the DOCK, as Leicester’s first space accelerator, R&R Space complements the existing efforts in the city to promote and drive innovation in the space industry. 

“We’re happy that R&R Space have chosen the DOCK for their start-up business as they are trying to expand the space industry by inspiring new players, developing fresh skills and connecting people. As part of the UK Space Incubator Network, DOCK is well-placed to provide access to a range of business support as Leicester’s first space accelerator.” – Luke Pulford, Manager at DOCK Leicester 

Leicester is an exciting city to be in for new start-ups with its fast-growing ecosystem of support for businesses and as such has been recognised by Start-up Britain as the 2nd best city in the UK for start-up growth