Applying to the Corp In-Game

Thank-you for following the Auth guide now lets get your application to the Corp set up.

You can find us easily using the in-game search tool as shown in the picture below

After clicking enter you will be met with a list of corporations as shown below

Double click Rage and Ruin to progress to the next stage. Here you will find our corp advertisement with the button highlighted below to Apply to Join.

Once you have clicked to apply you will be met with a message window shown with a example below. Please fill this in like below but introduce yourself, a brief about who you are and why you’re applying makes a massive difference if your application is accepted or not.

Once your application has been received and everything has been followed in the guide you will receive your application to join which can be found in the My Corporation tab and clicking on recruitment.

Click Accept and you will receive your welcome mail in-game with further instructions on how to get on mumble and discord.

Congratulations on becoming a Rage & Ruin Member.